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Tuesday, 5 March 2019

SuperSU v2.82-APK and Latest Zip Version

Ok, so at last, your phone is rooted now. May be you are thinking how would I know about this. It is simple because you are here to download SuperSU apk in your device. This can be only installed when your phone is rooted. It is a great decision to download and install Supersu in your device. SuperSU is an app which can be used by the Android user to manage all the root privileges.  

After a phone being rooted, It can easily be hacked be hackers, seekers and malicious codes. One can easily trick you with a simple application and your all data and experience can be spoiled.

So, it became necessary to check that which application is taking the root privilege. Sometimes we did not know the name of the app or a recently installed app is taking the root privilege, not to worry about that, because SuperSU will pop-up and notify you about the app in your device which wants to take the root privilege.

It would not be wrong if we say that SuperSU will manage all the application in your phone.

You can easily download the latest version of SuperSU app from the download link given below. If you are not sure that if you have rooted your phone or not then you can also check it using root checker.

It became tricky to get your phone with one application so only install officials and trusted application in your device.

After rooting your phone, you have broken the security layer imposed by the manufacturer and now the security of your phone is totally based upon you. You have to take an extra care to minimize the risk of your phone.

SuperSU Features:

One can easily manage all the android applications in android device after rooting it. SuperSU will notify you about the application which want to take root permission.

You can get a complete control of the app using the latest version of SuperSU.

If you are using an android device and you have rooted your device unintentionally then do not worry because you can undo the process using SuperSU. Ofcourse, it does not completely reverse the process but you can get a temporary security of your phone.

SuperSU in this site is compatible will all the android devices. It supports all the rooted android devices. 

SuperSU can only be installed in rooted devices. It does not modify your files nor it helps in rooting your device, it only helps in managing your android applications.

You can download the latest version of SuperSU from the download link below.


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